The Microbiome is the Organ that Connects Animal Nutrition and Health

Animal science has long appreciated the importance of gut health and functionality.

In the past decade, scientists have taken this realization to a new level: the profound discovery that the gut microbiome organ shapes the growth, metabolism, feed utilization, immune health, body composition, and even behavior of its host animal.  


Until now, animal science has viewed the gut microflora simply as a collection of microbes. One consequence of this thinking was the widespread adoption of antibiotics to promote growth in production animals.  Midori is pioneering a new category of non-drug products that harness the functional potential of the animal microbiome.

Our breakthrough innovation comes from recognizing the microbiome holistically as an organ that converts unabsorbed feed into thousands of biomolecules and signals that affect the host animal. By modulating the microbiome organ, we influence animal nutrition, physiology, and health to improve the economics, welfare, and sustainability of animal protein production.