Midori's platform is built on years of research into the functional properties of the animal microbiome. 


Midori's platform transforms natural food sugars into tailored carbohydrates that activate the gut microbiome to support animal health and nutrition.  These complex carbohydrates are not digested by the animal's upper digestive system, and reach the gut microflora where they have their effect. 


Drives Value

Midori's tailored carbohydrates modulate the various species and functions of the animal's innate gut microflora.

Our deep understanding of carbohydrate science, gut microbiology, next generation omics, and animal science allows us to harness oligosaccharide structure to provide solutions that drive value in the animal production sector.


Innovation Pipeline

Midori has developed a first of its kind discovery platform that brings cutting-edge science to developing innovative health solutions for the monogastric, ruminant, aquaculture, and companion animal sectors.  Midori’s technology is protected by a strong IP portfolio.